About us

For over 30 years, DSA has offered consulting services in engineered composites and corrosion protection.

With a range of engineers, material scientists, inspectors and project managers, DSA is the correct choice to advise,
manage or develop your project. DSA offers engineering solutions for tanks, pipelines and process equipment.

DSA delivers Full Consulting Services with a ‘client first’ mentality and great expertise across a range of disciplines, such as:

What set us apart?

We are familiar with Australian and International standards and we are able to provide designs to them. We can also provide advanced designs, from 1st principals. Our tools for advanced designs include: Finite Element Analysis, Pipe Stress Analysis, Thermal Modelling and 3D Modelling.

We are available to design and evaluate your project needs, saving your resources, time and money while considering all your project's future risks, specification and operational lifetime.

Engineering Testing

Some of our Clients

John Holland
Origin Energy
Rio Tinto
Sydney Water
Vale Inco


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