Case Study

Santos Tirrawarra Crude Oil GRE Pipeline Supervision

GRE Pipe Installation

DSA was involved in the construction supervision of the Tiraawarra-Mirramella 8” GRE Crude Oil Flowline Installation in the Cooper Basin.

DSA were engaged to monitor the Installation Contractor and to provide D.5 certified supervisors. Our supervisors found numerous manufacturing defects in the piping product that was procured from an indonesian manufacturer.

DSA were later engaged to perform pipe testing and review of the product to ensure compliance with API15HR and ISO 14692.

The Pipeline was tested to 100 BarG and was designed to be operating at 100º C.

construction supervision

DSA is specialised in:

  • Design of fibreglass process equipment
  • Design of fibreglass tanks and pressure vessels
  • Design of FRP/GRP/GRE pipe and pipework
  • Feasibility studies (cost and technical)
  • Specification and datasheets for procurement
  • Review of specifications and RFQ documents
  • Factory inspections (QA and capability)
  • Testing
  • Failure analysis• Coatings and lining for corrosion resistance


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