Composite Testing Lab


Composite Testing Lab

DSA has a fully equipped laboratory that is able to test the raw resin materials through to finished products such as pipes and tanks.

The range of resin testing includes:

  • Resin viscosity to ASTM D2196 using a rotational viscometer
  • Resin percent solids/Styrene percentage to ASTM D2369
  • Resin Density /Specific gravity to ASTM D639 using a pycnometer
  • Resin gel times at a range of temperatures.
  • Chemical analysis, eg acid number, by titration.

The range of composite testing includes:

  • Relative density to ASTM D792
  • Glass content to ISO 1172, including forensic deconstruction.
  • Tensile strength, elongation and modulus to ASTM D638
  • Hardness to ASTM D2583
  • Flexural strength and modulus to ASTM D790
Composite Testing

Composite Stress Test


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