Case Study

Cooling Water Pipeline

DSA was involved in the design of the cooling water pipeline for a Combined Cycle Power Station located in Singapore. Cooling water pipe varied in sizes from DN1500 to DN2200.

Along with the usual detailed laminate design, and resin selection, DSA was also engaged to undertake stress analysis of the pipe to ensure that it was sufficiently supported.

The stress analysis showed that the elbows had areas of stress above the allowable code levels. Rather than change the pipe route to allow for better movement, DSA was able to redesign the elbow lamination to bring the stress below the allowable code levels. This change enabled the client to maintain the same pipe route, which saved significant time and cost in avoiding having to redesign the pipe.
Cooling Water Pipeline

DSA is specialised in:

  • Design of fibreglass process equipment
  • Design of fibreglass tanks and pressure vessels
  • Design of FRP/GRP/GRE pipe and pipework
  • Feasibility studies (cost and technical)
  • Specification and datasheets for procurement
  • Review of specifications and RFQ documents
  • Factory inspections (QA and capability)
  • Testing
  • Failure analysis• Coatings and lining for corrosion resistance


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