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Metallurgical Process Plants - Goro Nickel Plant

Metallurgical process plant

DSA has a long history in the design and specification of equipment in metallurgical processing plants. From Olympic Dam in South Australia to Goro Nickle in New Caledonia, DSA has always been providing specialist consulting advice.

For the Goro Nickle plant, DSA was engaged by the project team to ensure the success of the project. DSA provided specifications for the project, design review and inspection services. The size of this project was immense, it was calculated over 1500 tons of resin alone were required.

The project requirements included 52 vessels and tanks (including 6 off 14 m diameter tanks, 7 off 8.5 m diameter tanks, 1 off 10 m diameter tank and 11 off high pressure multi-media filters, 0.8 m, 1.6 m and 4.0 m diameter), 30 kilometres of piping, in sizes ranging from 50 NB to 1200 NB, with an average size of 200 NB, 24,000 butt & strap joints, 21 pulsed columns which are the largest ever manufactured, and two mixer-settlers, each comprising 2.8 m diameter mixers and 16 m long by 8 m wide by 1.5 m deep settlers with enclosed roofs.

upper decanter manufacturing

DSA is specialised in:

  • Design of fibreglass process equipment
  • Design of fibreglass tanks and pressure vessels
  • Design of FRP/GRP/GRE pipe and pipework
  • Feasibility studies (cost and technical)
  • Specification and datasheets for procurement
  • Review of specifications and RFQ documents
  • Factory inspections (QA and capability)
  • Testing
  • Failure analysis• Coatings and lining for corrosion resistance


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