Case Study

Redesign of GRP Piping System for Victorian Desalination Plant

DSA was involved in remediation work at the Victorian Desalination Plant. Part of this work was the design review and subsequent redesign of parts of the GRP piping system.

During DSA’s design review, a number of deficiencies were picked up in the design work submitted by the supplier. As the result of this, DSA provided detailed stress analysis of a number of piping systems. Caesar II was used to analyse piping systems for compliance to BS7129. The BS7129 pipe design was calculated from the manufacturer’s laminate construction.

As a result from the stress analysis, parts of the pipe needed to be derated to remain in service. DSA also conducted FEA on some branches, where stress levels had been exceeded and could not be derated. The result of the FEA was the need to apply localised reinforcement at the stress concentrations.

DSA also reviewed a number of flanges and found these were outside the code. As the flanges needed to be machined to have washers installed, an FEA was done to provide a rerating of the flange after machining.

The successful localised reinforcement and derating of the pipe, helped to minimise the cost and time of the remediation work.

GRP Piping Design

DSA is specialised in:

  • Design of fibreglass process equipment
  • Design of fibreglass tanks and pressure vessels
  • Design of FRP/GRP/GRE pipe and pipework
  • Feasibility studies (cost and technical)
  • Specification and datasheets for procurement
  • Review of specifications and RFQ documents
  • Factory inspections (QA and capability)
  • Testing
  • Failure analysis• Coatings and lining for corrosion resistance


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